Photo- & Drawing Contest October 2012 - extended till 11.11.!


Who has good ideas and enjoys making pictures or drawing?
Who as got nice photos or drawings and wants to share them in public beyond friends and family?
Now is the right moment for these things because now you can also win some nice prizes as well!.

This month you have the chance for your pictures and drawings to be published on our website and to win great prizes at the same time. In this photo contest we are looking for you most beautiful or funny photos fitting to one of three different themes. You can participate both times and send us maximum four pics to each theme. Doing so you will increase your chances to win!

1st. prize: one offer of your personal choice with the maximum value of 120€: Reiki-treatment, Coaching-hour or a private Yoga lesson

2nd. prize: voucher for attending a 90 Minute Yoga-class

3rd. prize: CD 'Learning Progressive muscle relaxation according to    Jacobsen’

- Two of the first 10 people who send their pictures will have the chance to win an additional 'Learning Progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobsen’ CD! The winning pictures will be published on your website and promoted via, Facebook, Google+ and twitter and if required with the photographer’s name.

And here are the themes: 

I) Dreams:
E.G. photos of the moon, night images or pictures of dreamcatchers...

II) Burnout:
Think of deadline pressure, to much workload or multitasking

III) Relinquish burdens – make space for new things:
Keywords here are e.g. clearing out, chaos and chaos-management

IV) Less routine, more freedom and flexibility in day-to-day life:
For example pictures or drawings of wide landscapes, individual time-outs, short periods of craziness in everyday life, …

V) More energy in day-to-day life:
What do you do for positive energy in your life? Energetic pictures? Any other ideas? :)

VI) Answering wishes:
For example fairy beings (princes, frog kings, fairies, …) What do you do to answer your wishes? What are your wishes?

Do you have photos or drawings to one or even more than one of these themes? Or do you have fun taking pictures and already an idea of what to do?

Go for it! Send us your pictures or drawings via or simply send an email to:
Good luck!

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