CD: Jacobson progressive muscle relaxation technique

Travel, relax and feel good

42 minute trip for only 11.90 euros

Would you like to take a trip to relax and unwind?Are you lacking the time or money to do so?Don’t let that stop you! I’d like to invite you to do just that –a 42 minute journey through your body for only 11.90€!

How does it work? With this CD!
This CD gives you simple lessons on how to escape the everyday and relax. Stress is not only a result of being overworked or exhausted. When the body and mind are constantly tense and are denied the chance to rest, your well-being is negatively affected. The result is typical symptoms like nervousness, irritability and a general malaise. This is precisely why I want to whisk you away on a journey through your body and help you quickly and noticeably reconnect with your inner calm, peace and relaxation. Treat yourself to a brief escape with Edmund Jacobson’s progressive muscle relaxation.

What can you expect?
You’ll start your journey lying down. Then, simply tune into the CD and let your concentration wander from your fingertips, to your face, neck, shoulders, chest and stomach all the way to your feet. During various stages, you will be walked through a brief tensing and then releasing of specific muscle groups. This method leads to a reduction in muscle tension below average levels – i.e. relaxation :)

Hard to believe?
Than listen to the sample clip (German):

Titel 1 Einführung
Zusammenschnitt der progressiven Muskelentspannung

Is this scientifically proven?
Yes. Edmund Jacobson discovered this technique in the 1920’s. A doctor in the United States, Jacobson proved that there was a connection between corporeal and emotional tension resulting, for example, in physical illnesses in studies undertaken at Harvard University. His relaxation technique is one of the most researched, widespread and verified relaxation methods.

Treat yourself or someone else to 42 minutes of relaxation!

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It makes also a perfect gift for friends!

After listening to the CD just a few times, you’ll notice that the technique becomes more and more familiar making the relaxation process easier. With a bit of practice, the relaxation will extend beyond the 42 minutes into your entire day.

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